[Coral-List] Looking for examples of required Marine Tour Operator training/licenses/accreditation

Mallory Morgan mallory.morgan at bsp.guam.gov
Wed Jul 15 03:00:12 UTC 2020

Hafa Adai,

The Guam Visitors Bureau will be expanding its Tour Guide Certification
Program to include marine tour operators in the coming years. We are
looking for examples in other places that require a certification, license,
or training of marine tour operators to ensure quality control over
commercial activities on Guam's coral reefs. Specifically, we are looking
for 1) legislation that details the requirement for local certification
and/or training of marine tour operators, and 2) curriculum for marine tour
operators specific to the protection of natural resources.

If you know of any examples of what has already been done in other places,
please email me directly at mallory.morgan at visitguam.org.

Si Yu’os Ma’åse’,
Mallory Morgan

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