[Coral-List] Marine School - New Parody Web Series

Dana O'Mara danaomara at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 20 17:07:06 UTC 2020

Hello Coral-List,
I have created a new parody web series, called Marine School. And I would LOVE some feedback. The series is about the 'comical' school life of sea creatures, where one of my characters is a coral polyp. I will be properly introducing her in episode four. 
In short, I am wondering (and sure hoping) if there is an audience for this...and exactly whom that audience is. My characters are stuffed animals...so one would presume it's for young children. And yes, kids are definitely in my target audience, but I'm wondering about expanding that, to a mixed audience...kids and adults? Especially if the series gets animated. 
Ultimately, my intention is connection...to connect people to nature. And by experimenting with parody and pop culture...I'm seeing if I can cast a wider net, to a wider audience. I'm just wondering whom I might catch!
So if anyone has interest in checking out Marine School, I'd greatly appreciate it! I would love to know your thoughts. And, if you have tough feedback for me, that's ok...just maybe sprinkle a little sugar on it. ;-)
You can find my projects at:

Thank you very much everyone!  
Sincerely,Dana O'MaraM.S. Oceanography & Coastal Sciences
Email:dana at naturelaughs.com 

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