[Coral-List] AGU Fall Meeting Session PP013 - High Resolution, High Latitude Marine Proxies

Dan Sinclair djsweb1971 at yahoo.com.au
Sun Jul 26 06:52:25 UTC 2020

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We wish to invite submissions to our Session at the upcoming AGU Fall Meeting 7-11 December

Dan Sinclair, Nicholas Hitt, Ashley Davis (Victoria University of Wellington)

The oceans strongly influence the Earth’s climate and ecosystems. Understanding ocean dynamics on societally-relevant timescales is therefore essential. Ocean change naturally varies on timescales of months to millennia, but quality instrumental records are scarce prior to the satellite era, and seldom span more than a few decades. We must therefore use proxy records to evaluate if recent ocean changes are anomalous or a feature of our narrow window of perception. Marine sediments provide longer-timescale information, but seldom at sub-centennial resolution, leaving a critical gap in the decadal-to-centennial timescales in which ocean dynamics remain poorly characterized. In low latitudes, this gap is filled by tropical corals, but only recently have high resolution proxies (e.g. deep-sea corals, coralline algae) emerged capable of providing decadal-resolution ocean data in temperate to polar waters. In this session, we invite submissions in the emerging field of high-resolution high-latitude marine proxies, including new archives and analytical techniques. 

Abstract submission deadline is July 29th

Dan Sinclair
School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences Cotton Building Victoria University of Wellington Wellington 6012 New Zealand

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