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Hi all,

What a motto for The International Coral Reef Society:

*"Coral reefs are ecosystems, not resources."*

Great, Phil!



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Hi Listers,
We talk a lot about  management and conservation but the reality is
humanity lacks the political will to address the fundamentals unless there
is a direct and instant return on investment.
Science tells us that coral reefs are ecosystems, not resources. The very
adaptations that enable them to thrive in nutrient poor tropical seas
leaves them vulnerable to humans. Maybe one day we will act on that
reality, but right now I fear we are just trying to make ourselves feel
better, or develop a more and more precise way to document the collapse of
reefs all the while  increasing the level of funding for our
This approach has not, and is not working.

 Something to think about while most of us are out of the water this summer.


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