[Coral-List] Fishery Oceanography online course

Nimit nimitkumar.j at incois.gov.in
Fri Oct 16 13:45:05 UTC 2020

Dear colleagues,


Apologies for cross-posting, if any.


How are you? Hope you are safe and pushing ahead amid COVID-19.


One thing that the pandemic brought to normalcy is the online teaching, and
we are catching up there as well.


I am coordinating an online course, that may be useful for fisheries/marine
biology early-careers. PFA the poster of the same.


Here is the link for registration: https://bit.ly/Enroll-FO_2020.


We are accepting the registrations till 30 October, 2020.


More details, agenda and important deadlines of the course can be accessed
at: https://bit.ly/FO_2020.


We are very enthused and expect to learn a lot from organizing this. The
turnout, learning experience and feedback is important for us since we
intend to host advance version(s) of the same in future.


It would be very helpful if you can spread a word among your circles. Thanks
in advance.


Nimit Kumar, PhD.
Scientist (ISG),

Indian National Center for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS),
"Ocean Valley", Pragathi Nagar (BO), Nizampet (SO),
Hyderabad-500090 (Telangana)
Phone: +91-40-2388 6169 | +91-40-2389 5018

Fax: (+91-40-2389) 5014/18
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