[Coral-List] welcome to our new Coral-List moderator!

Mike Jankulak - NOAA Affiliate mike.jankulak at noaa.gov
Thu Oct 22 20:25:46 UTC 2020

Well, this is a belated welcome, really. I joined Coral-List in 2004, and
from 2006 - 2019 we were the same core team: Jim Hendee, Lew Gramer and me.
Jim did the lion's share of moderation, and Lew and I traded off when Jim
was unavailable. Then in 2017, I took over as primary moderator, and in
2019, Lew left us and our team shrunk to two.

This year, 2020, brought the world a bunch of big changes and our team a
few smaller changes. Jim resumed as primary moderator for a few months,
then as you all know, announced his retirement. About the same time we did
the one thing we hadn't done in 14 years: added a new moderator.

Welcome to Ruben van Hooidonk! Ruben's been part of our coral family here
at NOAA/AOML for ten years, and an active member of Coral-List for longer
than that. He has graciously taken on the daily task of reading through our
moderation queue and forwarding your messages to the list. He actually
started doing this at the start of September, which is why my welcome must
be considered belated. But he's been wrangling the list like a pro from the
beginning, making it easy for me to forget all the careful reading and
reflection going on behind the scenes.

You can find Ruben's bio, and the larger collection of names both old and
new, here:


On behalf of moderator emeritus Jim, and all past moderators, I welcome
Ruben (officially, now) to his new role in our little community.


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