[Coral-List] New paper on performance assessment of the international coral reef symposium

Amir Ghazilou amirghazilou at gmail.com
Fri Sep 4 17:26:17 UTC 2020

New paper on performance assessment of the international coral reef

Hello everyone,

We wanted to share our recent paper in JESS "A Performance Appraisal of a
Well-Established Environmental Symposium" (
http://www.jess.ir/article_113323.html). In this paper, we assessed the
performance of 13 rounds of international coral reef symposium.
Bibliometric assessments were done based on citation productivity,
collaboration, and topic distribution matrics.


The International Coral Reef Symposium (ICRS) is a well-established meeting
scheduled to gather coral reef scientists from all over the world every
four years. The aim of this study was to provide a bibliometric assessment
of papers presented in 13 rounds of ICRS. To achieve this goal, 30 papers
were selected from each round (390 papers in total) and analyzed to
determine trends in productivity, collaboration, citations, and study-topic
distributions. Nearly all metrics showed an increasing trend. The mean
number of citations received by ICRS papers was >26. In terms of study
topic distributions, the papers presented at ICRS 2-7, 11, and 12 were to
some extent similar in terms of topic distribution while others fall
apart., the "coral bleaching" and "non-coral fauna and flora" studies were
found to be the most common topics of presented papers. Papers presented at
ICRS13 were highly devoted to conservation science. The United States and
Australia were the most productive countries in the ICRS, and they made
significant contributions to the hosting of sessions.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me (amir.ghazilou at inio.ac.ir)
or Dr. Emad Kouchaknejad  (emad.koochaknejad at inio.ac.ir).

Thank you!

Amir Ghazilou, PhD
Chabahar Oceanography CenterIranian National Institute for Oceanography and
Atmospheric Science

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