[Coral-List] Coral-List Lives On (but I'm retiring!)

Dennis Hubbard dennis.hubbard at oberlin.edu
Sat Sep 5 18:11:34 UTC 2020


Welcome to your well-deserved retirement! Your contributions to reef
science have been considerable - and well beyond the listserve. I hope that
the younger subscribers will follow your example and value the importance
of open dialog. I look forward to your continued contributions and opinions
as a private citizen.

With great appreciation,


On Fri, Sep 4, 2020 at 1:15 PM Jim Hendee via Coral-List <
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> Greetings!
>      Coral-List began through the efforts of Louis Florit and I on May
> 23, 1995, over 25. years ago, and since that day, with about one hundred
> subscribers, our membership has grown to 9,926 coral enthusiasts,
> professional researchers, academicians, agency representatives, and
> laypeople of all types and professions.  This will always be my most
> cherished legacy out of the 30 years that I have worked for NOAA, and it
> will continue, at least for now, under the watchful eye of our Systems
> Administrator (and coral researcher diver), Mike Jankulak.
>      I'm not elequent enough to tell you the pride I felt when people
> would walk up to me at international meetings, such as the quadrennial
> International Coral Reef Symposia, and say that they just wanted to
> thank me personally because they got the job they now have because of a
> job posted on Coral-List.  We've always been a not-very-fancy text
> online service (to keep the bandwidth down, but other reasons, too), but
> we have continued to be a main point of circulation for important coral
> reef conservation efforts over all these years.  At our NOAA Lab, the
> Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorlogical Laboratory in Miami, FL, we
> have built a world class coral research group, and since the very
> beginning, we. have worked hand-in-glove with NOAA's Coral Reef
> Conservation Program to realize the NOAA mission in the conservation of
> corals in the U.S. jurisdictions, but also with our international partners.
>      I hope some of you who have remained silent over the years will
> speak up about your local coral reef conservation concerns and share
> with the Coral-List community.  As someone recently pointed out, there
> are a few users who do most of the contributing; but folks, we've got a
> global problem with corals, so please let us know the problems in your
> area and let us know what you think the (local) solution is.
>      I retire from NOAA next Friday, September 12, 2020, but I will
> remain engaged with NOAA as a private citizen as much as I can and
> hopefully see many of you at next year's 14th International Coral Reef
> Symposium.  I will keep my NOAA email address for at least another six
> months, so write to me if you'd like.
>      In closing, besides Mike Jankulak and Louis Florit, I would. also
> like to think Lew Gramer and Clarke Jeffris for their efforts during
> their tenure with our Division.
>      Your fan always,
>      Jim
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