[Coral-List] Concerns over ICRS, 2021 (Austin Bowden-Kerby)

Chelsie Counsell chelsiew12 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 9 12:56:16 UTC 2020

Dear Austin & List,

Another option could be a virtual conference for ICRS 2021. We had great
success with Global Coral Reef Week 2020 - while we had hoped to have
regional hubs, our conference was entirely virtual and we had 2,700
subscribers from across the globe. GCRW (www.coralreefweek.org) was
organized entirely by volunteers with a budget of <$1,000. Imagine how
amazing a virtual coral reef conference could be with the resources of

All the best,

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Date: Wed, 9 Sep 2020 11:21:33 +1200
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> Subject: [Coral-List] Concerns over ICRS, 2021
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> Dear List,
> I hesitate to write this, but seriously- are we kidding ourselves?  To plan
> for ICRS to be held in July 2021 seems absurd, based on the many scientific
> medical reports and the informed opinions of the experts, and despite
> attempts by certain leaders and the media to deny the facts for economic or
> political reasons. The experts tell us that there is a strong chance that
> the pandemic will still be raging by next July, and with all the tremendous
> energy required to pull off ICRS, is it really wise for the global coral
> reef community to forge ahead like this- only to have all of these efforts
> come to naught- yet again?   Am I the only one here who feels this way?
> For perspective, I am writing this from the South Pacific, where we are
> sealed off in a COVID-19 free bubble- no community spread, and only a few
> cases intercepted at the border and in strict quarantine.  At least for us
> in this region we may not be able to emerge from our secure bubble for a
> long time, perhaps until the virus is as rare as SARS1?  Presently it is
> very difficult to get flights in and out, and on returning we are required
> to be in government quarantine for two weeks- which might be expanded to
> three.  Barring some miracle cure or long lasting effective vaccine, ICRS
> is certainly not going to happen for us unless it is pushed back to 2022 or
> 2023
> Kind regards, and stay safe,
> Austin
> Austin Bowden-Kerby, PhD
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