[Coral-List] New position announcement - National Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease Coordinator

Robin Garcia - NOAA Affiliate robin.garcia at noaa.gov
Wed Sep 23 19:13:02 UTC 2020

NOAAs Coral Reef Conservation Program and Florida Sea Grant have partnered
to establish a National Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease (SCTLD) Coordinator
Position and are pleased to announce that applications are now being
accepted. SCTLD was first observed in South Florida in 2014. It has since
spread to 13 Caribbean countries and territories including the U.S. Virgin
Islands and Puerto Rico, and coral reef managers are concerned about the
potential for the newly identified disease to spread to the Indo-Pacific
region. SCTLD is unique from other coral diseases due to its large
geographic range, extended duration, rapid progression, high rates of
mortality and the number of coral species affected.

The National SCTLD Coordinator position has been posted with the Florida
Sea Grant program at the University of Florida. The position is open until
filled. An initial review of all applications received by October 15, 2020
will be conducted.  Please distribute to your networks.

 National SCTLD Coordinator

Research Coordinator III (Position 514666)

The position will provide national level coordination to facilitate
communications, identify information and resource gaps, and efficiently
allocate federal resources to support an effective response to Stony Coral
Tissue Loss Disease (SCTLD) across all seven U.S. jurisdictions (i.e., the
U.S. Territories of American Samoa, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, the
Northern Mariana Islands, and Puerto Rico; and the U.S. States of Hawaii
and Florida). The selected candidate will receive guidance from the
Director of Florida Sea Grant, in consultation with NOAAs Coral Reef
Conservation Program, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection,
the USVI Department of Planning and Natural Resources, the Puerto Rico
Department of Natural and Environmental Resources, and other project
partners in order to:
1)         Facilitate information sharing;
2)         Serve as a liaison with other federal agencies in disease
response efforts;
3)         Coordinate with local Disease Response Coordinators;
4)         Identify and work to address information/research gaps;
5)         Identify and engage new partners;
6)         Support implementation of NOAAs National SCTLD Strategy
7)         Update NOAA and Coral Reef Conservation Program (CRCP)
8)         Provide training for resource managers and field researchers; and
9)         Review and assist in development of reports and recommendations

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