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Good afternoon everyone,

Join us for our Sea Secrets lecture at the University of Miami's
Rosenstiel School on Sustainable Marine Aquaculture and The Future of Seafood
Production. - Sign up for the lecture here (FREE):

*Special Edition of Sea Secrets Lecture Series*
*Tuesday, October 6, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm*
*Sustainable Marine Aquaculture and The Future of Seafood Production*

Seafood is recognized as one of the healthiest food products for humans,
and nearly 40% of the world’s 7.8 billion people rely on seafood as a
primary protein source. While the world’s oceans have traditionally
supplied the majority of fish for consumers, aquaculture has emerged as the
primary source of seafood for human consumption. Aquaculture is currently
producing more than 114 million metric tons per year, and providing over
55% of the seafood for human consumption. It is the fastest-growing sector
of food production, and continues to grow at approximately 4.5% per year.
As with any rapidly expanding food production industry, there are
challenges that must be overcome to ensure such growth is accomplished

Aquaculture researchers Daniel Benetti, Ph.D. and John Stieglitz, Ph.D.,
will discuss how the Rosenstiel School is conducting relevant research to
improve the economic viability and environmental sustainability of marine
aquaculture. They will explore how aquaculture has become the world’s
leading form of seafood production while detailing initiatives at the
School and around the world that are changing the face of the global seafood

*Daniel Benetti, Ph.D., is a professor in the Department of Marine
Ecosystems and Society and director of aquaculture at the Rosenstiel
School.* Benetti teaches graduate-level courses for the aquaculture
program, while conducting scientific research on technology development and
environmental issues related to aquaculture. With over 30 years of
experience in aquaculture worldwide, Benetti specializes in hatchery and
open ocean grow-out technologies of marine species, such as cobia, snapper,
tuna, mahi-mahi and flounder. Benetti is a consultant to private and
government sectors in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Caribbean and Australia,
primarily to advance technology for hatchery and sustainable offshore
aquaculture development.

*John Stieglitz, Ph.D., is a research assistant professor in the Department
of Marine Ecosystems and Society at the Rosenstiel School.* Utilizing
approaches centered on applied ecophysiology and bioenergetics of marine
fish, his research aims to address marine aquaculture production challenges
while also developing a greater understanding of the impacts of both
natural and anthropogenic induced environmental stressors on marine fish
species throughout the world. In addition to teaching graduate and
undergraduate courses in aquaculture at UM, Stieglitz conducts research
investigating sustainability within the seafood business sector and has
served as a consultant to commercial marine aquaculture companies in the
Caribbean, and the Americas.

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