[Coral-List] looking for articles by Gohar

Elinor Nadir elinornadir at mail.tau.ac.il
Wed Apr 7 08:23:38 UTC 2021

Hello, I am looking for the following two articles by Gohar from 1959. I
can't seem to find them anywhere on the web...has anyone got a copy?

Gohar HAF, Roushdy HM (1959a) The neuromuscular system of the Xeniidae
(Alcyonaria). I. Histological. Pub Mar Biol Stat Al-Ghardaqa (Red Sea).

Gohar HAF, Roushdy HM (1959b) On the physiology and neuromuscular system of
Heteroxenia (Alcyonaria). Publ Mar Biol Stat Al-Ghardaqa (Red Sea)

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