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ricardo beldade rbeldade at gmail.com
Mon Apr 26 22:17:35 UTC 2021

Dear Coral Listeners,

I am calling your attention for this job opportunity to work in French Polynesia at CRIOBE a French Research Station as a technician. 
Here is the main link:  https://www.ephe.psl.eu/actualites/concours-itrf-session-2021 <https://www.ephe.psl.eu/actualites/concours-itrf-session-2021> 
and the specific link to this job: https://www.ephe.psl.eu/documents/fichiers/itrf2021/fiche_de_poste_ige_criobe_2021.pdf <https://www.ephe.psl.eu/documents/fichiers/itrf2021/fiche_de_poste_ige_criobe_2021.pdf> 

Here is a quick translation of the main job post in French.

The École Pratique des Hautes Études (EPHE) is a major institution of higher education and research, a component of the Université Paris Sciences et Lettres (PSL), and a founding member of Campus Condorcet. The EPHE is located on several sites in Metropolitan France and in French Polynesia. It is the main supervisor of the USR 3278 CRIOBE (Centre de recherches insulaires et Observatoire de l'environnement) with the CNRS and the UPVD (University of Perpignan).
CRIOBE is one of the most prominent French laboratories for the study of coral ecosystems. Since 2010, CRIOBE has been leading the CORAIL Laboratory of Excellence (LABEX) which brings together 9 institutions and 4 overseas universities. CRIOBE's activities are carried out across multiple disciplines - ecology, genetics, chemistry - on two main geographical sites, the University of Perpignan campus in mainland France and the field station on the island of Moorea in French Polynesia. The Station was labelled in 2016 as an Experimental Ecology Station and joined the National Network of Experimental Ecology Stations (ReNSEE).

The CRIOBE 'SEE CORAIL' experimental ecology station provides a set of platforms in molecular biology, optics, aquaria, genetics and environmental DNA allowing in vivo and in situ experimentation on coral and more globally on the coral reef. These platforms make it possible to manipulate variables linked to climate change in order to understand the persistence processes of populations and biological populations and to better understand the mechanisms of resistance/resilience to climatic stresses. In particular, it provides :
- In vivo experimentation rooms that allow temperature, pH and light cycles to be controlled and programmed in a controlled water environment,
- Large volume outdoor ponds allowing for larger experiments and also controlled temperature-pH cycles,
- A coral nursery in a real environment with cuttings trees for customised demand according to the experiments,
- A mobile scientific barge, floating laboratory (to be commissioned in December 2020),
- A scuba diving service, 4 vehicles, 4 reef boats,
- An optical platform with various microscopes and binocular magnifiers,
- A molecular biology and genetics platform,
- An AA3-HR auto-analyser (Seal Analytical).

In order to make the EES and these platforms visible and to become part of a European network, it is necessary to structure the scientific and technical organisation of the station and to boost access. It is also necessary to make the new service linked to the "mobile scientific barge" operational, which will require the organisation of access, École Pratique des Hautes Études - Patios Saint-Jacques - 4-14, rue Ferrus - 75014 Paris
the logistics of the missions, maintenance, security and budgetary planning. To this end, CRIOBE is looking for a Design Engineer who will coordinate the missions of the Mobile Scientific Barge and contribute to the animation of the EES.
The Engineer will report directly to the Director. He/she will work in close collaboration with the technical team of Moorea and the national and international scientists using the Centre.

The Engineer will be responsible for the coordination of the scientific barge missions (planning, piloting, dives, maintenance, security, budget...). He/she will also contribute to the SEE of the CRIOBE in Moorea (means and organisation).

- Coordinate/manage the organisation of access to the Mobile Scientific Barge
o Plan and organise the missions, pilot the boat, ensure scientific dives, ensure maintenance and advice to the
maintenance and advice to the user teams;
o To manage shared and innovative technological developments, in relation with users or partners: specifications
o Leading shared and innovative technological developments, in relation with users or partners: specifications, funding requests;
o Leading the various user teams;
o Advising users and partners on the possibilities and limits of available techniques,
safety ;
o Disseminate and promote the results and technological achievements in the form of reports, publications
oral presentations;
o Design and conduct training activities;
- Apply and enforce in the work situation the regulations of the field, in terms of ethics, health and safety, good laboratory practice and compliance with ABS (Access to Genetic Resources and Benefit Sharing)
- Contribute to technical operations of the CRIOBE Ecology Station in Moorea.

- Participate in the mediation and scientific popularisation actions of CRIOBE and IRCP;
- Promote the know-how of CRIOBE 

Good luck!
Best regards,
Ricardo Beldade

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