[Coral-List] Grants or Scholarships for Marine biology 2021-2022

Hana-lei Evans hanaleievans at uri.edu
Wed Aug 4 13:36:17 UTC 2021

Hi, Everyone!
I've been on the email chain silently for a while now to learn new
information about coral reefs and seek new experiences. My name is Hana-lei
Evans I'm 21 Years old, A rising junior, and of course a marine biology
major hoping to one day work on coral restoration. As a low-income and
independent student with not many ties to family, I have been supporting
myself since I have been 18 years old. I am currently surviving solely on
loans for the next semesters I have left at the University of Rhode
Island.  I am aware that this can be a common struggle among students who
are STEM majors, but I can say when coming from a low-income background
already with absolutely no support from family it can take a much more
extreme emotional toll. I was grateful to be awarded some scholarships and
grants last semester, however, it did not cover my whole cost of
attendance, and now this years out of the pocket bill is around $6000 I am
taking the time to apply to outside scholarships as well as working almost
seven days a week this summer to prepare, but I wanted to take some
time this summer to reach out, advocate for myself, and ask If anyone knew
of any last-minute grants to apply for or any resources as I am desperate.
I truly am so excited for my first In-person classes at the University of
Rhode Island I and all the new experiences I know I will gain as a future
scientist as well as connecting more with my professors and peers. Thank
you so much for your consideration and time, and I look forward to hearing

Hana-lei Evans

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