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Your question: Is there some ecological reason for proposing they [Goliath Grouper]can be taken?
Answer: No. There is no scientific support for opening a fishery for Goliath Grouper.

A more detailed answer is in several posts in my blog. They are still valid today
Science Blog: https://grouperluna.com/

For a more detailed overview, this is a useful paper
Koenig CC, Koenig, Coleman FC, Malinowski CR (2020) Atlantic Goliath Grouper of Florida: To Fish or Not to Fish. Fisheries Magazine 45 (1): 20-32

Let me know if you have more questions


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Why am I mentioned on the list? For example:  "2. Re: Proposed Killing
of Goliath Grouper (Eugene Shinn) (Ault Jerald Stephen) (Sarah
Frias-Torres) (Douglas Fenner)"

Weeks ago I asked why the Big Grouper was being considered for taking. I
wondered if there was some ecological reason for proposing they can be
taken. I sure got a lot of nasty mail just for asking the question.
Never got an answer so I assume it was all emotional and not based on
any scientific or environmental data. That's ok with me. I was just
under the impression that coral reef researchers used the list to make
scientific observations. Gene

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