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 Koenig et al. (2020) is a great article distinguishing between fact and myth. Have we come to a time where science is not trusted? I think most of the problem is for the novice to only use observations and presumptions in their decision making process then this opinion spreads like wildfire. If these types of decisions continue to be made by those in charge, then fisheries management is in big trouble.
Similarly, the State of Florida re-opened black bear hunting in Florida in 2015 and then closed it. It initially had been closed in 1993. Although I am an avid bowhunter, I would never had targeted the Florida black bear because there was no data suggesting the population could sustain a small harvest. 
How can we manage species if we are ignoring population status? 
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Your question: Is there some ecological reason for proposing they [Goliath Grouper]can be taken?
Answer: No. There is no scientific support for opening a fishery for Goliath Grouper.

A more detailed answer is in several posts in my blog. They are still valid today
Science Blog: https://grouperluna.com/

For a more detailed overview, this is a useful paper
Koenig CC, Koenig, Coleman FC, Malinowski CR (2020) Atlantic Goliath Grouper of Florida: To Fish or Not to Fish. Fisheries Magazine 45 (1): 20-32

Let me know if you have more questions


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Why am I mentioned on the list? For example:  "2. Re: Proposed Killing
of Goliath Grouper (Eugene Shinn) (Ault Jerald Stephen) (Sarah
Frias-Torres) (Douglas Fenner)"

Weeks ago I asked why the Big Grouper was being considered for taking. I
wondered if there was some ecological reason for proposing they can be
taken. I sure got a lot of nasty mail just for asking the question.
Never got an answer so I assume it was all emotional and not based on
any scientific or environmental data. That's ok with me. I was just
under the impression that coral reef researchers used the list to make
scientific observations. Gene

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