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I never implied you were in favor of taking Goliath Grouper
If there is a specific sentence in my emails with such implication, please point me to it.

Thank you for sharing your experience from the 1960s
These are stories I'd like to compile.
We have done this before in the Coral-List community for the historical ecology of coral reefs in the Caribbean
But I think it will be useful to do the same for Goliath Grouper, to expand on the work done by Loren McClenachan and Jeremy Jackson


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Sarah, You seem to imply I was in favor of taking Gollith Grouper. As you may recall I simply asked if there was some ecological/scientific reason for lifting the ban that I did not know about. Still have not seen the numbers. The last time I speared what were called Jew Fish was in the 1960s. One of my summer jobs as a student was in a fish market where I learned howto skin and fillet those fish so they could be sold as snapper fingers. In those days few people on the east coast of fla would eat anything called a gouper. They also did not eat mullet.
At the time they were popular fish on the west coast of Florida. Grouper sandwiches are still very popular over here. Just a little history for you since I suspect you were not born yet when they were still called Jew Fish. Gene PS: That is a great photo you sent. I never saw more than 2 on a wreck back in the 50s and 60s.

On 10/7/21 6:36 PM, Sarah Frias-Torres wrote:

Your question: Is there some ecological reason for proposing they [Goliath Grouper]can be taken?
Answer: No. There is no scientific support for opening a fishery for Goliath Grouper.

A more detailed answer is in several posts in my blog. They are still valid today
Science Blog: https://grouperluna.com/

For a more detailed overview, this is a useful paper

Koenig CC, Koenig, Coleman FC, Malinowski CR (2020) Atlantic Goliath Grouper of Florida: To Fish or Not to Fish. Fisheries Magazine 45 (1): 20-32


Let me know if you have more questions


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Why am I mentioned on the list? For example:  "2. Re: Proposed Killing
of Goliath Grouper (Eugene Shinn) (Ault Jerald Stephen) (Sarah
Frias-Torres) (Douglas Fenner)"

Weeks ago I asked why the Big Grouper was being considered for taking. I
wondered if there was some ecological reason for proposing they can be
taken. I sure got a lot of nasty mail just for asking the question.
Never got an answer so I assume it was all emotional and not based on
any scientific or environmental data. That's ok with me. I was just
under the impression that coral reef researchers used the list to make
scientific observations. Gene

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