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Douglas Fenner douglasfennertassi at gmail.com
Thu Oct 14 04:56:43 UTC 2021

I can't remember if someone posted about this before or not.  Apologies if
someone has posted on it before, but it is so good it bears repeating.

Knowlton N, Grottoli AG, Kleypas J, Obura D, Corcoran E, de Goeij JM, Felis
T, Harding S, Mayfield A, Miller M, et al. 2021.  Rebuilding Coral Reefs: A
Decadal Grand Challenge.

 International Coral Reef Society and Future Earth Coasts. 56 pp.



Nice popular page on it:

LOADS of great, up to date references!!!

A few quotes:

"3 pillars for keeping reefs alive: reduce climate change, improve local
conditions, invest in restoration."

"coral reef restoration cannot work if global climate and local conditions
remain unsuitable for corals."

"Neglecting to address climate change would undermine, and ultimately make
useless, most attempts to mitigate or otherwise address local threats."

I agree with the statement in the popular page that 'we must work on ALL of
these problems.'

Cheeers, Doug

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