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ICRS is now an official observer at the UNFCCC Conference of the Parties
(COPP26) and will have representatives at the Glasgow meeting starting at
the end of this month.  ICRS will be promoting the message – SAVE THE
REEFS, SAVE THE PLANET.  The ICRS representatives will be calling on all
parties to do everything possible to meet the original Paris Agreement
target of limiting warming to 1.5oC. They will be lobbying national
delegations to explain why this target is so important for reefs, and why
reefs are so important for the oceans, for humanity and for the planet.

*ICRS urges its members and all concerned about reefs, to contact their own
government's national delegations, relevant ministers, and scientific
advisors to urge them to fight to protect coral reefs by supporting all
measures that will limit warming to 1.5**o**C in the long term.* *We need
the coral reef message to be heard at the highest negotiating levels. *

In addition, if you personally know anyone who will be in your government's
national delegation at CoP26 in Glasgow, or attending on behalf of an
observer organization, it would greatly assist the ICRS if you could please
provide the contact information with the ICRS delegation leaders Simon
Harding  <simon.harding at usp.ac.fj> and Raquel Peixoto Raquel S. Peixoto <
raquel.peixoto at kaust.edu.sa.

We need to ensure that decisions taken at COP26 are ambitious enough to
halt climate change before we lose all our coral reefs.  ICRS’s new
science-to-policy document “Rebuilding Coral Reefs: A decadal Grand
Challenge” (http://coralreefs.org/publications/rebuilding_coral_reefs/
and the new GCRMN report (https://gcrmn.net/2020-report/
confirm ongoing global loss of coral cover, primarily due to coral
bleaching linked to climate change.

Thank you,

Andrea Grottoli, ICRS President

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