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I’m afraid that there is already a great deal of social pressure being exerted, but unfortunately much of it in the wrong direction. Many view it as a freedom issue. (Sound familiar?). Most, if not all scuba certification agencies offer “Underwater Hunter” certifications and I’ve heard a number of discussions on dive boats among scuba-equipped spearfishers about the desirability of shooting a Goliath Grouper. I imagine it’s the same motivation that comes into play with (terrestrial) big game trophy hunting. Going to take a major shift in how we view our relationship with the natural world if we are to reverse course and save any number of threatened species . . . to say nothing of coral reefs. Just another manifestation of the greater problem - a culture war whereby a good portion of the population impulsively rejects any science-based data and information that challenges their deeply held tribal beliefs. My ocean optimism is once again wearing thin.


Steve Mussman

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This is awful, yet typical of the "me first" society that allows

spearfishing using SCUBA gear.

Perhaps a campaign of shaming might do something?

I can envision a "Real men and women don't kill Goliath Grouper, the gentle

giants of Florida"

Social pressure might be more powerful that a regulatory system that is

supposedly based on scientific understanding.

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> Overruling scientists, Florida Commission authorizes fishing of the

> vulnerable Goliath grouper



> https://www.science.org/content/article/overruling-scientists-florida-commission-authorizes-fishing-vulnerable-goliath-grouper


> open-access


> Cheers, Doug


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