[Coral-List] EarthXTV documentary series on coral reefs

Anderson Mayfield - NOAA Affiliate anderson.mayfield at noaa.gov
Thu Oct 21 20:10:19 UTC 2021

Hello all, 
   I would like to alert you to a documentary series on ocean, and particularly coral reef, health, which features University of Miami professors Sam Purkis and Art Gleason, as well as other marine biologists from across the country (e.g., Sylvia Earle, Nancy Knowlton, Daniel Pauley, & others). The fourth episode, “Threats to Our Oceans” is now airing here: https://video.earthxtv.com/shows/our-living-oceans/season/1/episode/4 <https://video.earthxtv.com/shows/our-living-oceans/season/1/episode/4>.

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