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Wed Apr 6 19:53:39 UTC 2022

Dear Gene,

Although it is increasingly difficult to remain optimistic, the takeaway message should be clear. The sooner we can muster the political will to reduce atmospheric CO2 the better. The debate should have ended decades ago, but that is no excuse for complacency and/or inaction.




On 4/5/22, 12:49 PM, Eugene Shinn via Coral-List <coral-list at coral.aoml.noaa.gov> wrote:

Thanks Austin, I have become so used to broken promises by governmens

and businesses that it just bounces off. I recall many climate change

authors claiming that if all sources of Co2 were stopped today it would

take about half a century for Co2 levels to drop to pre-industrial

levels. Reducing present levels in 8-years is not realistic. Gene


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