[Coral-List] Job opening: Research Analyst focusing on coral reef restoration (Honolulu, HI)

Brittany Huntington - NOAA Affiliate brittany.huntington at noaa.gov
Wed Apr 13 23:47:18 UTC 2022


The Cooperative Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research (CIMAR) is
excited to announce a full-time Marine Ecosystem Research Analyst position
focusing on coral reef restoration within the PIFSC Ecosystem Sciences
Division based in Honolulu, HI.  This position will lead a research project
to assess outcomes of coral restoration efforts in the Hawaiian Islands.

DUTIES: Develop and implement survey design to assess coral restoration
efficacy ten years after a vessel grounding in Oahu, HI. Processes,
analyzes, and summarizes data from coral reef surveys. Develops data
products relevant to restoration monitoring to document temporal changes in
coral reef ecosystem condition. Prepares technical reports and scientific
manuscripts summarizing results of these analyses. Builds strong
collaborative  partnerships with local jurisdictions and research
institutions to inform coral restoration efforts in the Hawaiian Islands.
Provides assistance with scoping future coral restoration studies within
the Ecosystem Sciences Division (ESD) including proposal writing for future

QUALIFICATIONS:  Masters (M.S.) degree in Marine Biology, Ecology,
Oceanography, or a related field. Working knowledge of scientific and
operational requirements for various coral reef underwater survey
techniques. Working knowledge of statistical procedures (using R scripts)
to perform data analyses, including interpretation of results pertaining to
ecosystem processes. Strong communication skills and experience
collaborating with stakeholders. Capable of carrying ecological research
projects to completion and publishing results. First authorship on at least
(1) one peer-reviewed journal article. Must be a current science diver
(AAUS, NOAA Diver).

SALARY: Commensurate with Qualifications

DEADLINE: Please note the deadline to apply is April 25, 2022.

More information about applying to this position can be found by navigating
to www.rcuh.com and clicking on "Job Postings" and Project Name "CIMAR"
(position 22281). Please note applicants must be US citizens or permanent

More information about the Ecosystem Science Division can be found at:


Feel free to distribute to anyone you think may be interested.


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