[Coral-List] Announcing 2022 ICRS Award and Fellowship Winners

Carly Randall C.Randall at aims.gov.au
Wed Apr 20 22:09:58 UTC 2022

Dear Coral-List Members,

The International Coral Reef Society Officers and Council are pleased to announce the winners of this year's Society's Awards. The awardees are:

·         Eminence in Research Award - Virginia Weis, USA

·         Eminence in Research Award - Nicholas Polunin, UK

·         Mid-Career Scientist Award - Christian Voolstra, Germany

·         Early-Career Scientist Award - Georgina Gurney, Australia

·         Coral Reef Conservation Award ($2500) - David Obura, Kenya

·         World Reef Award ($2500) - Safira Warili Hawari Djohani, Indonesia

The winners listed above automatically received ICRS Fellow status. The following nominees were also awarded ICRS Fellow status:

  *   Caroline Rogers, USVI
  *   Lisa Rodrigues, USA
  *   Madeleine van Oppen, Australia
  *   Michael Lesser, USA
  *   Raquel Peixoto, Saudi Arabia
  *   Sarah Davies, USA

We are also pleased to announce the following Fellowship winners. These fellowships provide financial support for student research projects (Ruth Gates and Graduate Research Fellowships) and the development of science communication skills for a society member (Science Communications Fellowship). The awardees are:

Ruth Gates Fellowship ($5000)

·       Natalia Uribe-Castaneda, Colombia

·       Liam Lachs, UK

Graduate Research Fellowship ($2500)

  *   Alexandra Pierre, Haiti
  *   Bibiana Nassongole, Mozambique
  *   Danielle Becker, USA
  *   Li Lee, Malaysia
  *   Michelle Taylor, UK
  *   Shakeel Jogee, Mauritius

Science Communication Fellowship ($2000)

  *   Hannah Rempel, USA
We also wish to announce the 20 winners of this year's International Coral Reef Society's Student Travel Grants. These grants will facilitate the participation of Society student members in the upcoming 15th ICRSymposium. The awardees are:

Student Travel Grants (Registration cost + $1000)

-      Eduardo Gabriel Islas-Dominguez, Mexico

-      Erin Dillon, USA

-      Frida Estela Rodriguez-Escobar, Mexico

-      Hui Jing Ong, Singapore

-      Igor Pessoa, Brazil

-      Jacqueline Rivera-Ortega, Mexico

-      Jessica Maria Orrante-Alcaraz, Mexico

-      Kristina Black, USA

-      Maria Isabel Martinez-Rugerio, USA

-      Tacey Hicks, USA

Student Travel Grants (Registration cost)

  *   Brooke Benson, USA
  *   Daisy Flores, USA
  *   Gabrielle Martineau, USA
  *   Gaby Carpenter, USA
  *   Joseph Heard, Hong Kong
  *   Julia Briand, Canada
  *   Sarah Cryer, UK
  *   Sophia Costa, USVI
  *   Talisa Doering, Australia
  *   Timothy King, Hong Kong

Please join me in congratulating all the winners of this years' ICRS Awards, Honors and Fellowships! We also thank all nominees, nominators, and writers of letters of support. You all help make the ICRS a thriving Society. The ICRS supports diversity and inclusivity and we are happy to be able to award the most diverse cohort of awardees to date, representing scientists and students from across the globe.

Finally, a huge thank you to the ICRS Honors and Awards Committee who had a very difficult, but rewarding job in evaluating all the excellent applications.


Dr. Carly J Randall, ICRS Honors and Awards Committee Chair
Dr. Andréa Grottoli, ICRS President

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