[Coral-List] Coral Nursery Lab Manager (Research Associate I)

Joana Figueiredo jfigueiredo at nova.edu
Tue Apr 26 19:05:48 UTC 2022

Coral Nursery Lab Manager (Research Associate I)

The Marine Larval Ecology and Recruitment Lab at Nova Southeastern University (NSU), led by Dr. Joana Figueiredo, is seeking a Lab Manager at the Research Associate I level for a long-term position managing the land-based Coral Nursery at Dania Beach, Florida, U.S.A.
The coral nursery at NSU has been sexually propagating corals for reef restoration for the past 8 years, including inducing gonad maturation and synchronous spawning in laboratory, rearing large quantities of coral larvae and juveniles, and investigating ways to optimize rearing techniques to scale up coral restoration.
The candidate should have a Master of Science in Marine Science or similar degree, and experience propagating corals. The lab manager will be responsible for:
1)      managing operations at the land-based coral nursery, including coral husbandry, aquarium systems maintenance and/or setup, monitoring coral spawning, collect gametes, conduct fertilization, larval rearing and settlement, grow-out of juveniles, and microfragmentation;
2)      train incoming graduate research assistants;
3)      prepare budgets and ordering equipment and supplies;
4)      gather the data necessary and prepare reports to the fundings agencies;
5)      participate in meetings with research partners;
6)      plan field work, i.e. diving to collect and/or outplant corals to the reef.

Dr. Joana Figueiredo and her team of research assistants will provide training in all activities s/he may not yet be familiarized with.
This is a full-time employee position at NSU remunerated at $46,000/year with health and retirement benefits, and eligible for yearly merit increases and promotion. Candidates need to already have permission to work in the U.S.A..
To apply, go to https://nsucareers.nova.edu/en-us/job/502050/research-associate-i-992778 and include your CV and cover letter addressing your experience and interest in the above described activities. Note that the description of the position at the NSU's Careers website is just a standard description for a Research Associate I position, and thus does not fully address the experience and interests we are searching. For questions, please contact Dr. Joana Figueiredo at jfigueiredo at nova.edu<mailto:jfigueiredo at nova.edu> including "Lab Manager" in the Subject line.
Best regards,

Joana Figueiredo, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Marine Larval Ecology and Recruitment Laboratory
Dep. Marine and Environmental Sciences
Halmos College of Arts and Sciences
Nova Southeastern University
8000 N Ocean Drive,
Dania Beach, FL 33004

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