[Coral-List] Genetically Modified Coral - Survey

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Trying to help here and also help others in the forum who might want to answer your survey.

Could you provide more context about this project?

What are the aims of the project,
What is the knowledge gap the project is targeting
How will the answers be used?
The first question in the survey:  "Do you believe..." makes me wonder whether this is a scientific project, or something else.


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**This is a repost as I am trying to get just a few more submissions**

Dear Reef Community,

I am Deanna Henry, a recent graduate of Wilmington University’s
Environmental Science & Policy department, and I am requesting your help
with an important project. I am currently taking part in a research project
with Dr. Milton Muldrow, and as part of this project I would like to *evaluate
reef expert opinion* of *genetically modified coral*. The survey is geared
towards anyone working in a scientific capacity on issues related to coral
reef ecosystems.

I am sure that you are all very busy, but I hope that you will take a
moment to participate in this short survey. Please simply click here
and you will be directed to a google form. Your answers will be completely
confidential. The results of the survey will be reported in aggregate, so
again, no one will link you to your responses.  Any publication of these
results will be reported on Coral-List.

Thank you in advance for your participation in this important project. If
you have any questions about the administration of the survey, please
contact me at Dhenry016 at my.wilmu.edu.

- Deanna Henry
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