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I am by no means an expert, just a botanist with an ear to the ground in
coral research, but there may be a reason the article didn't mention the
Tahitian reef's location: to reduce impact on its pristine nature. I'm sure
if you contacted the article authors and stated your research interest,
they might be willing to confirm the location. But for everyone else, they
might not - Tahiti probably has a vested interest in keeping its location a
secret, sequestered away from the prying eyes (and hands and flippers) of
those who might not have such academically- or conservationally-inclined
reasons to visit. If the mysterious reef is any of the locations you
mentioned with powerful bottom current, it might also be a safety issue!

Really, it just reminded me of how the locations of some of the oldest
trees in the world are closely guarded secrets. Food for thought!


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As a follow-up to the post by Dennis Hubbard - There is a reef off Moorea
 FP relatively close to the Gump Station called the Rose Garden. I dove
this reef at depths between 100-200 feet with Sal Genovese and Jim Leichter
about a decade ago - It looked identical to these recent photos from
Tahiti. Like the reef off Tahiti that Dennis described, I was also amazed
at the bottom currents at those deep depths. Unfortunately, in a recent
conversation I had with Peter Edmunds, he told me that this deep beauty off
Moorea was impacted by COTS and then a few years later by a major typhoon.
Let?s hope this reef off Tahiti can stay healthy well into the future.


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> Hi Doug:
> The article isn't clear on specifically where this "discovered" reef is,
> I'm not arguing that this is hype. However, I distinctly remember
> organizing a group dive on a very similar reef about 10km east of the ICRS
> meeting venue when the meeting was in Tahiti... and in 30 meters of
> One of my greatest surprises was seeing a "shallow-water branching-coral
> reef" at those depths. However, on reaching the bottom we were swept back
> and forth about 30m at a time by the huge (and, more important,
> ground swell. I remember it vividly because my dive buddy was Paul Enos,
> one of the early pioneers of understanding paleo-reef systems from a
> geologic perspective. I remember Paul's wife asking me on the dock to
> out for him" and thinking, "are you kidding"?
> If anyone does know where this reef sits on the south shore, please let me
> know. This was like seeing "an old friend".
> Denny
> Giant pristine coral reef discovered off Tahiti
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> > Very high coral cover, reef goes from 100 feet down to 230 feet, reef is
> 2
> > miles long.
> >
> > https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-60047368
> >
> > Video of the reef:
> >
> >
> >
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