[Coral-List] Full Professor position at CRIOBE (University of Perpignan, Southern France)

Valeriano Parravicini valeriano.parravicini at gmail.com
Fri Jul 8 16:38:55 UTC 2022

Dear coral listers, 

I am very pleased to post an open position for a full professor at the CRIOBE (University of Perpignan, Southern France). Young researchers are encouraged to apply too. Details are provided below.

Anyone interested should contact Valeriano Parravicini (valeriano.parravicini at ephe.psl.eu <mailto:valeriano.parravicini at ephe.psl.eu>).

Full professor position on coral reef ecology at the CRIOBE research center (University of Perpignan, Southern France)

Job profile : 

The CRIOBE research center opens a position for a full professor in marine ecology at the University of Perpignan (Southern France). The University of Perpignan (UPVD) is an institution with a strong international visibility for research themes related to marine sciences as confirmed by its Shanghai top 100 ranking for Oceanography (2021). The open position is a tenure track position where the successful candidate is expected to meet the standards for a full professorship in 5 years (young researchers are therefore encouraged to apply). Researchers having demonstrated excellence in marine ecology and ecosystem ecology are expected to apply. The successful candidate will develop their research in coral reef ecology – taking advantage of the CRIOBE marine station in French Polynesia – and will participate to the scientific environment of the University of Perpignan.

The successful candidate will be given a starting grant of 150k euro and a reduction of teaching charges during the 5 years of the tenure track. The recruited person will receive the standard French salary for full professor.


The successful candidate is expected to reinforce the excellence of the CRIOBE in research related to coral reefs and marine sciences in general. With its presence in metropolitan France and French Polynesia, the host lab is one of the key research institutes in France for the study of coral reefs. The CRIOBE develops research on several disciplines including community ecology, functional ecology, physiology, population genetics, environmental chemistry, conservation biology and anthropology. This broad disciplinary perimeter contributes to a strong visibility in several fields, but also requires the development of transversal theoretical contexts allowing a complementarity between the researchers of the laboratory. The successful candidate is expected to develop a synergy between the different research themes developed at the CRIOBE. The recruited person will work mainly on marine ecology and ecological interactions of any form (e.g., mutualistic, ecological, social and spatial). The candidate will propose a research project that aims at studying the effect of disturbances within coastal marine systems - in particular coral reefs – with the support of ecological theory. The recruited person will benefit from the infrastructures available at the University of Perpignan and French Polynesia. 


The professor is expected to develop a teaching program at the interface between marine ecology, theoretical ecology and spatial ecology to strengthen teaching and research in three of the five strategic areas of the University of Perpignan: 1) Ecology and functioning of living organisms, 2) Dynamics of environments and anthropo-systems, and 3) Theory, complex systems and modeling.

Contact person:

If interested please contact the scientific director of the CRIOBE center: Valeriano Parravicini (valeriano.parravicini at ephe.psl.eu <mailto:valeriano.parravicini at ephe.psl.eu>)


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