[Coral-List] Vietnam bans scuba diving to protect a coral reef

Eugene Shinn eugeneshinn at mail.usf.edu
Wed Jul 20 17:51:47 UTC 2022

Thank you Alina, Your observations match and confirm my observations in 
Florida perfectly. I was a little late recognizing what was going on in 
the broader Caribbean but you make it clear that 1983 was also the 
pivotal year for coral demise in the Caribbean. The sudden death of a 
well-known staghorn Forrest at San Salvador during a short two or three 
month period was the one that finally got my attention.  I must admit I 
never saw the snail problem although I heard plenty about it. It was 
smart of you to not pursue the lobster idea any further. There was a 
diver many of us knew who was shot and killed by lobster fishermen when 
he was caught robbing lobster traps. Many in the Keys knew who the 
shooter was but no one was ever charged. Gene



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