[Coral-List] Invitation: NSF Convergence Accelerator EXPO 2022 presents Digital Reefs

Anne L Cohen acohen at whoi.edu
Fri Jul 22 12:34:07 UTC 2022

Dear Colleagues

Today's societal challenges cannot be solved by one discipline working alone. The National Science Foundation (NSF) Convergence Accelerator leverages a convergence approach to transition basic research and discovery into practice, delivering tangible solutions that have a global societal impact. NSF is hosting the Convergence Accelerator Expo 2022 on July 27 - 28, 2022.
FREE Registration at nsf-ca-expo2022.vfairs.com<https://nsf-ca-expo2022.vfairs.com/>.

Digital Reefs is a user-inspired platform that leverages 21st century Digital Twin technology to empower millions of coral reef stakeholders around the world with data and tools that optimize management outcomes.
Intuitive, Interactive, Immersive
Digital Reefs makes complex data, models, and solutions universally accessible via a universal Visual Language.
Digital Reefs is designed to help scientists, managers, restoration practitioners, aquaculture specialists, educators...

The Digital Reefs Team is presenting at EXPO 2022.
You are invited to join us and 15 other Blue Economy Teams presenting solutions in smart aquaculture, ocean plastics, recycling, urban seawalls and much more!
Find us at BOOTH E8:

  *   11 am ET July 27th, 1:30 pm ET July 28th
Digital Reefs - what is it, exactly?
Anne L. Cohen, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Thomas Gruenewald, Siemens Technology Corporation

  *   2 pm ET July 27th
Creating Digital Reefs - The Technology
Mareike Kritzler, Head of Smart Machine Vision and Visualization,  Siemens Corporation

Lucia Mirabella, Head of Design and Simulations Systems, Siemens Technology

Weifeng Zhang, Scientist, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Nathan Mollica, Post-Doctoral Investigator, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Stuart Sandin, Professor, Scripps Institute of Oceanography

  *   3 pm ET July 27th
Why Digital Reefs? - A Conversation with Inspiration
Dolores DeBrum Kattil, Director, Marshall Islands Conservation Society
Hannah Barkley, Coral Reef Monitoring and Management, NOAA Pacific Island Fisheries Science Center
Peter Houk, University of Guam, Micronesia Reef Monitoring

Erinn Muller, Coral Restoration Program Manager, Mote Marine Laboratory
Chair: Simon Thorrold, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

*        2:30 pm ET July 28th

Digital Reefs in Conservation and Management
Joseph Pollock, Senior Coral Reef Resilience Scientist, The Nature Conservancy
Michael Fox, Coral Reef Ecologist, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Join US!

Digital Reefs Contact: acohen at whoi.edu<mailto:acohen at whoi.edu>, nmollica at whoi.edu

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