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   Monocraterion's a Cerianthid burrrow, probably...it is reliably found
   to the LOwer Cambrian, and less reliably to the PC.

   (Hi Vlad.)

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   Hi Doug,
   Thank you for sending the link to interesting article.  Just a short
   note on the subject of the article. Nice artistic reconstruction of
   fossil polyp. However, I doubt that mentioned in the article organism
   is the oldest known relative to living animals.  It is not the oldest
   known organism that can be considered a predecessor of modern Cnidaria
   either. Fossils of Vedian-Ediacarian time (~570-680 mln yr ago) had
   notions of single and colonial polyps, and meduzoid organisms from the
   time of description of Vendian period, and some of meduzoids were
   gigantic in size, like of ~ 1 m in diameter. So, just to make sure that
   readers of our list (those who are not paleontologists) wouldn't think
   that this is a new discovery of coral ancestors. Polyps of Vendian
   period known for 60-70 years, from the time Russian paleontologist
   Boris Sokolov introduced that period and described it's fauna.
   I guess somebody in our list is "real" coral paleontologist and may
   provide better comments on modern views of coral ancestry as well as
   about the finding described in the article.
   Vladimir N. Kosmynin
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   David Attenborough gets a namesake: the oldest known relative of living
   560 million-year-old creature shares traits with both modern jellyfish
   and corals
   Fossil found in the UK
   Cheers, Doug
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