[Coral-List] Looking for a paper

tomascik at novuscom.net tomascik at novuscom.net
Sat Mar 5 21:45:27 UTC 2022

Hi everyone,

I would greatly appreciate it if someone out there could help me to get 
a high resolution scan of a paper that was published in 1992 in the 
“Oriental Geographer” on the coastal geomorphology of St. Martin’s 
Island in Bangladesh:

Sifatul Quader Chowdhury, A. T. M. Fazul Haq & Md. Kamrul Hassan (1992). 
Coastal geomorphology of St. Martin’s Island. Oriental Geographer Vol. 
36 No. 2: 30 – 44

When I was in Dhaka in 1997 I managed to get a poor quality copy of the 
paper and because it is poor quality the photographic plates in the 
paper are of little use. The reason that I would like to obtain high 
resolution images of the plates (Plate 1 to 4 from page 40 to 43) is 
because the authors are describing “coral reef morphology”, which is not 
possible because there are no coral reefs present on the island. In my 
survey of the island in 1996-1997 I surveyed 152 stations using SCUBA 
and snorkeling, as well as walked miles along the intertidal, and found 
no evidence of any coral reef buildup, past or present.

Looking at the poor quality plates that I currently have it is clear to 
me that the extensive intertidal calcareous concretion fields on the 
southeast coast of the island are being described by the authors as 
“coral reefs”. Plate 3 on page 42 has the following caption: “Showing 
coral reef morphology. a-f: the regular or symmetrical distribution of 
coral reef. d: a lagoon display coral reef of low tide.” The reason that 
I would like to get high resolution images of these Plates is that I 
would like to find out where these images may have been taken, since I 
can see some fuzzy background and I think that there may be some clues 
in the images to figure out where the images were taken. I have tried to 
contact the authors, but so far no luck. If anyone is interested to have 
a look at the calcareous concretion fields that I believe are being 
mistaken for coral reefs in the Oriental Geographer paper please visit 
the following link and have a look at Figure 17:


I would be very grateful if someone with access to a ‘hard copy’ of the 
“Oriental Geographer” would be kind enough to make high resolution scans 
of the plates and send them to me. I don’t think electronic copies of 
the plates would be much better than what I already have. Thank you!


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