[Coral-List] Now available: Sustainable Tourism Toolkit

Resilience resilience at tnc.org
Tue Mar 8 20:56:28 UTC 2022

How can we develop sustainable tourism plans that are adaptable to the unique and changing circumstances at local reef sites, while simultaneously supporting local livelihoods and generating income that supports conservation?

To address this question, three topics were explored during the 2021 Resilient Reefs Initiative Solution Exchange and are summarized in the new Sustainable Tourism Toolkit (https://reefresilience.org/management-strategies/sustainable-tourism/):

*         Understanding and monitoring optimal ecological, social, and economic carrying capacities

*         Strategies for shifting tourist behavior to better meet local resilience goals

*         Understanding the local tourism sector and identifying opportunities for diversifying livelihoods

Ten presentations from the Solution Exchange are also available in English and French and can be found throughout the Toolkit's pages, which was created in collaboration with the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.

Access the online toolkit through the Reef Resilience Network: https://reefresilience.org/management-strategies/sustainable-tourism/

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