[Coral-List] Job Opportunity with NMFS - Southeast Regional Office

Jennifer Schull - NOAA Federal jennifer.schull at noaa.gov
Fri Mar 18 18:58:09 UTC 2022

Good afternoon,

Our Direct Hire Announcement for a *Natural Resources Specialist,
ZP-0401-3* has
been posted. This position is located in the NOAA Fisheries Southeast
Regional Office, with one vacancy in Saint Petersburg, FL; San Juan, Puerto
Rico; or Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. The selected "Recovery Coordinator" will
work with regional and territorial partners, coordinating Southeast/U.S.
Caribbean-centered recovery actions for ESA-listed Nassau grouper and
scalloped hammerhead shark, and will also support the ongoing status review
of queen conch.

The announcement will be open for *10 days*, from *03/14/22 *to *03/23/22*.

Job Announcement (NMFS-SER-2022-00010):

Please circulate to qualified candidates who can assist us with:

   - Developing and maintaining effective working relationships with
   organizational counterparts, scientists, government partners, and
   constituents; and representing the organization on scientific, management
   and technical issues.
   - Coordinating and executing conservation and fishery management
   activities through professional collaboration with staff and regional
   partners, including identifying data gaps, communicating research needs and
   managing projects (planning and executing project budgets and overseeing
   - Reviewing, gathering, analyzing , interpreting, and synthesizing data
   and technical information, determining   environmental impacts on
   biological resources and aquatic habitats, evaluating effectiveness of
   human activities including land, water, and fishery management activities
   on fishery resources, protected species, and habitat.
   - Writing biological and regulatory documents required under Federal
   environmental laws and processes; and preparing reports and making
   presentations to convey technical information to a variety of audiences,
   including the public.
   - Contributing or coordinating the completion of scientific, technical,
   or regulatory work among interdisciplinary inter-organizational groups.

Thank you,

Jennifer Schull

Chief, Coral Conservation Branch

Southeast Regional Office, Protected Resources Division

NOAA Fisheries | U.S. Department of Commerce

Office: (561) 440-1748, Cel: (786) 367-4117


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