[Coral-List] good news for a change, Aldabra Atoll turtles!

Douglas Fenner douglasfennertassi at gmail.com
Sat Mar 19 06:38:04 UTC 2022

I REALLY need a pick me up after that GBR story.

Here's one on Aldabra Atoll in the Seychelles in the western Indian Ocean.
Sea turtles there were almost wiped out but then protected in 1968.  HUGE
progress at recovery since then.

(there are links to more info)
     The giant tortoises on land also have made huge progress.  The Aldabra
giant tortoises recovered from near extinction and now have the largest
giant tortoise population in the WORLD!
      The article lists a bunch of other places where sea turtles have been
recovering well after being protected.

places!!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

       I note that in my wanderings around the Pacific, most places do
STILL DO NOT protect Sea Turtles.  They are protected in all US waters, it
is a federal law.

       C'mon, Pacific Islands!  You can DO BETTER!!!  Protect them, their
species are endangered around the world including in the Pacific.  Green
Turtles that nest in American Samoa are protected in our waters, but we
don't have enough seagrass to feed them, so they go to other places in the
Pacific to feed.  Where it is perfectly legal to kill and eat them.  We can
do better.  If people hadn't taken too many, we wouldn't be in the
situation we are in now.
        Cheers, Doug

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