[Coral-List] Paper Parks - Paper Plans?

Duncan MacRae solutions at cozm.co.uk
Tue Mar 22 13:56:35 UTC 2022

My colleague, Kalli De Meyer and I are interested in identifying what are considered to be some of the shining examples of Marine Park management plans, and, importantly, how they are being used and what some of the barriers to effective implementation are. 
We are probably all familiar with the rationale for having Management Plans, but in the same way as we have a lot of 'paper parks' we seem to have a lot of 'paper plans'. What are examples of outstanding Marine Park plans and what makes them special? We are especially interested in plans which have been/are being implemented or otherwise used by protected area staff as well as identifying some of the barriers to effective implementation.
Please send responses to the list or to Kalli at kallidemeyer at gmail.com <mailto:kallidemeyer at gmail.com> 

Duncan R. MacRae


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