[Coral-List] UMiami Sea Secrets Lecture - Revealing the Ocean Deep: Next Generation Sensing Technologies

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Mon Mar 28 13:31:09 UTC 2022

Join us next Tuesday (April 5th at 7PM EST) for the fifth in our six-part
lecture series (both virtually and in-person):


Ved Chirayath, Ph.D, Director of Aircraft Center for Earth Studies (ACES)
and G. Unger Vetlesen Chair of Earth Studies, Rosenstiel School of Marine
and Atmospheric Science

Revealing the Ocean Deep: Next Generation Sensing Technologies for Marine
and Planetary Science

We have mapped more of the surface of the Moon and Mars than our own ocean
floor—but that is changing. Professor Chirayath will present three remote
sensing technologies he invented while at NASA. FluidCam is an instrument
that can be used from satellites and aerial drones to map shallow marine
environments, such as coral reefs, at unprecedented resolution in 3D. MiDAR
is a multispectral instrument used to sense living creatures and nonliving
structures in light-limited environments. NeMO-Net is a machine-learning
video game that teaches citizen scientists to classify coral reefs using
real data from FluidCam & MiDAR. Together, these technologies will help us
better understand Earth’s marine environments while furthering the search
for life on other planets.

Ved Chirayath is a former NASA scientist. As a teenager, he discovered a
planet and moved to Russia to study astrophysics. He earned a Bachelor’s in
Physics and a Master’s and Doctorate in Aeronautics and Astronautics from
Stanford University. His inventions include aircraft that fly on electric
fields and instruments that map oceans. Presently, he is mapping our ocean
floor, especially coral reefs and shallow marine ecosystems. Dr. Chirayath
is a 2021 National Geographic Emerging Explorer and received the American
Geophysical Union’s 2020 Charles S. Falkenberg Award and the NASA Early
Career for “significant advances in aquatic remote sensing technology.”


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