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Mon Mar 28 13:10:44 UTC 2022

Dear Gene,

These are indeed trying times. A pandemic that has killed millions and the real threat of a war going nuclear have a way of altering our immediate priorities. Dead corals might not compare to the death and destruction we are witnessing today in Ukraine, but let’s not forget that climate change has the potential to spawn and exacerbate even more in the way of human suffering. Far removed from the war in Ukraine, here in the U.S. many people seem more concerned about skyrocketing gasoline prices than they do about the prospects of nuclear war. Many are once again calling for the increased production of fossil fuels. Like it or not, this clearly puts the climate change debate front and center. How we ultimately settle this question is still likely to have a profound effect on both the course of human events AND future prospects for the world’s coral reefs.


Steve Mussman

On 3/23/22, 2:37 PM, Eugene Shinn via Coral-List <coral-list at coral.aoml.noaa.gov> wrote:

It is really difficult for me to worry about Barrier reef bleaching and

climate change in general considering what is happening in Ukraine. Dead

corals can hardly compare with the the death and destruction going on on

the other side of the world right now. There is always the possibility

me may not live to see if the reefs survive. Gene


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