[Coral-List] Call for applicants opening soon: FishMed-PhD 2022; 7 PhD positions

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Mon Mar 28 19:46:11 UTC 2022

Dear All,

The call for the UniBo PhD program “Innovative technologies and
sustainable use of Mediterranean Sea fishery and biological resources”
(FISHMED-PHD) will open soon. Seven positions available on the following research topics:
 * Modeling metacommunity microbiomes to boost marine ecosystem services * Socio-economic aspects of marine resources sustainability * Trawling activity from vessel transmitted information, as a tool for Ecosystem Approach to Fishery Management * Interannual variability of physical and biogeochemical parameters in relation to main rivers runoff in the Adriatic Sea. Effects of climate change on biota * Dynamic management of an off-shore dumping area of harbor-dredged sediments: effects on the benthic environment * Integrating key ecosystem components into stock assessment models for fishery management * Analysis of Adriatic zooplankton and micronecton through acoustic multifrequency techniques
Link to the PhD program: www.FishMed-PhD.org

Stay tuned!

The Marine Science Group Staff

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