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Sat Aug 19 23:17:34 EDT 1995

Dear all, 

As was announced in the Second Circular for the 8th International Coral Reef 
Symposium, we are organising sessions of contributed papers on  "Nutrient 
dynamics and coral reef ecosystems".  We are putting out our "last call" for 
speakers and rseaerch groups interested in particpating. 

We are interested papers in these general areas: 

        1.  Biochemical and Physiological  Processes and Mechanisms  
        2.  Ecosystem scale changes in response to nutrient perturbations 
        3.  Policy Implementation: science and management 

We hope you will join us in these sessions.  Please communicate your 
interest (and provisional titles) to one of us (Hoegh-Guldberg) by e-mail, 
as soon as possibel  

With thanks and anticipation, 


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