Coral Calcification

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Thu Jul 20 14:37:09 EDT 1995

Is there any consensus on light enhancement of calcification in corals? 
I have some of the earlier papers (through the late 1980s) eg. Goreau, 
Rinkevich, Loya, Barnes, etc but have not made an effort to update my 
references.  I know (from work with forams) that 45Ca and 14C labelled 
experiments are fraught with potential errors and hence I'm leary of 
deciding one way or the other based on these methods in the "early" 
papers.  Could someone on the list either "enlighten" me or direct me 
to a good thorough review or reference?  My current tendency is to  
believe that although the linear extension rate is greater during photo- 
synthesis, the actual mass accumulation is relative invariant. 

Thank you in advance for your assistance. 

T. Guilderson 

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