Our Reef Society (Poland)

S3awomir Kosieliqski kosiel at merkury.atm.com.pl
Tue Jul 11 11:40:40 EDT 1995

Dear Friends! 
Reef Society is a non-profit organization for enthusiats.  

We make expeditions 
(already two were performed: in November 1994 and February 1995., both to 
Sharm-el Naga in Egypt). observations, underwater photography and 
popularizations of science are of science are our hobby - at present no one 
of us do this for living. 

Among us are hydrobiologists, zoologists, botanbotanic and "common divers", 
in their number- instructors. Two person are engaded in scientific 
photography. We gave about 70 lectures, mainly at schools.  

Two books are planned for this - or next year. We will heartily welcome 
any help or proposition of cooperation in the fields of popularization,  
exploration and editions, in future maybe also in science 

Thanks for your attention! 

Slawomir Kosielinski 
The Coral Reef Society, Poland 

Warsaw, 1st August 1995 
Slawomir Kosielinski 

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