coral bleaching

John Ogden jogden at
Wed Oct 4 15:50:14 EDT 1995

The CARICOMP Steering Committee will be meeting in St. Petersburg Friday  
and Saturday.  We will review reports from the 25 laboratories, parks,  
and reserves in the network and assess the reports of bleaching.  The  
network would also be glad to work with you and NOAA on remote sensing.   
You will recall that we have written several proposals on this  
topic.  Cheers. 

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On Mon, 2 Oct 1995, Michael Crosby wrote: 

> Does anyone out there have a complete list of the sites that have been  
> reporting recent bleaching events on this list server?  If so would you  
> please send the list to me?  I may have an opportunity to do a little  
> remote sensing experiment and I am looking for a site of opportunity  
> (preferably within the U.S., but not a must). 
> Thanks, 
> Michael 
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