orion at speedy.coacade.uv.mx orion at speedy.coacade.uv.mx
Fri Oct 20 15:16:10 EDT 1995

Dear list member. 

If you know the e-mail of John Tunnell 

of Center for Coastal Studies 

Texas A&M University, and people working with 

coral reproduction, please send me. 

Juan M.Vargas Hernßndez 

Director del Museo de Zoologa 

Facultad de Biologa 

Universidad Veracruzana 

A.P. 755. C.P. 91000 

Phone home: 10-25-97 

Xalapa, Veracruz. Mexico. 

e-mail: orion at speedy.coacade.uv.mx 

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