lost souls?

Coral Health and Monitoring Program coral at coral.AOML.ERL.GOV
Wed Oct 25 16:57:14 EDT 1995

The following e-mail addresses of coral-list subscribers have been 
bouncing and are apparently inoperative.  If you see a colleague's address 
or name you recognize, and you think they'd still like to receive the list 
information, please either forward this message to their NEW address, or 
drop me a line as to their new address.  

Many thanks, 

	Jim Hendee 


ccc at coralcay.demon.co.uk 
ccook at hboi.edu 
tja2 at vax.york.ac.uk 
wpeterso at shark.ssp.nmfs.gov#011#william_peterson at ssp.nmfs.gov 
Simon.Jennings at newcastle.ac.uk 
carviskboreri at icarus.state.gov 
mcole at noaa.gov 
sdrake at state.gov 
jjones at state.gov 
73261.2212 at CompuServe.com 
76260.2413 at CompuServe.com 
jutro.p at epamail.epa.gov 
mmoore at violet.berkeley.edu 
email.jcu.edu.au at jcu.edu.au 
Madeline.G at eworld.com 
rachelle_ninio at ccmail.gbrmpa.gov.au 
sjameson at ocean.nos.noaa.gov 

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