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Fri Aug 16 03:43:16 EDT 1996

Those of you addicted to the World Wide Web might like to check out 
the new web site I am putting together. It has progressed beyond the  
foundations and you can now get an idea of its eventual splendour. 

The emphasis is very much marine botany, but, as those who know me  
could have guessed, Halimeda and the Great Barrier Reef  feature  

       The URL is 

Inevitably, it looks and works best with Netscape 2.0 or above, particularly 
as JavaScript already features in one interactive page and there is an 
animated GIF on another. 

Feedback about potential content will be welcome, but no complaining  
about some of the pages being empty at present! All will be revealed in 
the fullness of time........ 


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