OCEAN Initiative research

Jay Scott Grenfell yajleft at uclink2.berkeley.edu
Fri Feb 9 17:42:16 EST 1996

The Ocean Conservation and Environmental Action Network (OCEAN  
Initiative), at the University of California, Berkeley is currently  
conducting research on threatened coral reefs worldwide with a focus on  
the Caribbean.  We are most interested in direct threats to coral reef  
ecosystems such as destructive fishing methods, dive related damage,etc. 
We are also interested in restoration efforts and progams to minimize damage. 

We hope to map threatend reefs in the Caribbean, classifying the  
different problems in different regions.   

Any information regarding the above mentioned threats or any others can  
be sent to either ocean-initiative at uclink.berkeley.edu or to 
yajleft at uclink2.berkely.edu. 

This information or any contact will be of great value and will be  

Thank you, 

Jay Grenfell 

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