Info on quinaldine effect on corals

Bruce Carlson carlson at
Thu Oct 17 14:47:54 EDT 1996

The State of Florida did some research on the effects of quinaldine on the 
captured fish and on corals.  As I recall, they found no significant 
negative effects if used "properly".  My memory of that report could be 
faulty, but that is my recollection.  I could probably dig up the report 
unless someone else has ready access to it. 

Bruce Carlson 
Waikiki Aquarium 

On Thu, 17 Oct 1996 gregorh at wrote: 

> > 
> >My name is Bruce Davidson I am working with the American Marinelife Dealers 
> >Association (AMDA). This is an organization of people that derive the  
> majority 
> >of their income from the sale of marine life.  Our goal is to impose self 
> >regulation on the marine fish and invertebrate wholesale and retail industry. 
> > 
> > One of the things we are looking into is the effects quinaldine has on the 
> >living corals when it is used to collect marine fish. If you have any 
> >information on this topic please forward me a copy e-mail 
> >76773.2763 at or regular mail. 
> > 
> > Bruce Davidson 
> > 212 Saguaro Dr 
> > Louisville KY USA 
> > 40229-6139 
> > 
> >    If you know of anyone that has done work in this area please forward them 
> >a copy of this letter. 
> > 
> > Thanks in advance 

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