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Steven Gustafson sgustaf at uwsuper.campus.mci.net
Fri Apr 4 17:33:44 EST 1997

Dear Dr. McManus

I have used mylar drafting velum with execptional results.  It accepts
pencil marks very well and can be erased easily.  In fact entire sheets can
be erased quickly using Soft Scrub and water.  The mylar can be resused
indefinitely.  It is, however, expensive and can be hard to handle
underwater.  I used an acrylic board with rings on which a stack of mylar
was help. the sheets were held in place at the bottom with a rubber band. 
The sheets were flipped by moving the rubberband to the wrist of the hand
holding the board at the bottom, and then flipping the sheet the back of
the board and reattaching the rubber band.  It took a bit of practice to
get quick at it but was easily mastered. 

Steven Gustafson
1123 N 18th ST
Superior, WI  54880
sgustaf at uwsuper.campus.mci.net

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