Growth rates of Atlantic Gorgonians

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     Since you requested any information on the Atlantic gorgonians, I came 
     across in my Tortugas bibliography a 1914 article by L.R. Cary 
     entitled "Observations upon the growth-rate and ecology of gorgonians" 
     published by the Carnegie Institution of Washington (Publication 
     Number 182), Papers Tortugas Laboratory 5:79-90 which provides a 3-yr 
     record of growth for Gorgonia flabellum and Plexaura flexuosa on the 
     reefs of Dry Tortugas Florida.

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Subject: Growth rates of Atlantic Gorgonians
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Since my request for info about growth rates of Atlantic gorgonians, a 
number of you have asked me to share what I find. There doesn't seem to 
be much out there, but the following two refs were most useful:

Yoshioka, P.M. and Yoshioka, B.B. 1991.  A comparison of the 
survivorship and growth of shallow-water gorgonian species of Puerto 
Rico. Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser. 69:253-260
Sterrer, Wolfgang. 1986. Marine flora and fauna of Bermuda.  Wiley, 

Also, Don McAllister drew my attention to a "Bibliography of 
Octocorallia from Pliny to Present" on 

thanks for your help

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